Review of the Insurance Contracts Act , Australian Government, Department of the Treasury

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Submissions Post Proposals Paper

Sorted by Title PDF RTF ZipPDF ZipRTF
AAMI Limited - Submission 1 45KB 124KB NA NA
AAMI Limited - Submission 2 27KB 744KB NA NA
Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman Limited 97KB NA NA 436KB
Catlin Underwriting Agencies Ltd 21KB 21KB NA NA
Consumers' Federation of Australia 229KB 603KB NA NA
Insurance Council of Australia 791KB NA 382KB NA
Investment & Financial Services Association Ltd 40KB NA NA NA
Law Council of Australia 81KB NA NA 243KB
National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) 54KB 92KB NA NA
Phillips Fox 139KB NA NA NA
Radford, Mark 144KB 95KB NA NA
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal 28KB 17KB NA NA
Women's Legal Service Victoria 51KB 666KB NA NA

Last updated 21 June 2004.

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